Freedom Fighters For Families, Inc.
Mediating Justice and Restoring Hope....

Fight the good fight of faith, I Timothy 6: 12a 

Minister T.R. Allen



I'm Minister T.R. Allen.   Imagine a family that has had their loved ones taken away merely because Children’s Protective Services (CPS) overlooked a deadline and chose to put the child/children into fostercare without any investigation.

Due to CPS heavy caseloads, lack of proper training and constant overturns in employees, cases are being mishandled and/or overlooked by CPS workers. In fear of losing their jobs, caseworkers are known to make false reports that result in destroying good families and having children as young as three (3) wrongfully placed on numerous psychotropic drugs.

Through repeated failures of CPS negligence, families at risk have lost faith in the system to hold accountable caseworkers to search for other suitable arrangements for the children, within the family, prior to pursuing non-family adoption. According to the Department of Family and Protective Services data base, the number of children placed into fostercare in Texas is 35,346. FF4F primary region is to assist at risk families is in the Harris & Jefferson County area. In Harris County, 4,226 children in fostercare and only 9% have been placed with relatives. In Jefferson County 322 children in fostercare and only 4% have been placed with their relatives.

As a minister and one whose family was nearly destroyed by negligence of CPS workers, I am dedicated and very passionate about helping other families. 

Our mission:  

To reach out rescue and ultimately reunite families.

Our vision:    

To see that family values of  love, safety and protection  are secure, and is in 

the best interest of the child/children.

Our goal:      

To work with the courts, attorneys, CPS and CASA caseworkers, on behalf 

of family members who qualify and have volunteered to have the child/children placed in there care, pending the CPS investigation process, in lieu of having them 

place into fostercare.

We are asking for your support with helping us carry out this mission, by becoming a sponsor, making a financial contribution or volunteering. For more information please attend one of our monthly meetings or send us an email.

We thank you in advance for your support. 

God bless,

Min. T. R. Allen