Minister T.R. Allen

Mediating Justice and Restoring Hope


I’m Minister T. R. Allen, founder of Freedom Fighters For Families Inc.,  a non-profit organization. We assist relatives who are fighting to have their loved ones children placed into their care in lieu of fostercare, 

Our mission:  To reach out rescue and ultimately reunite families.

Our vision:     To see that family values of  love, safety and protection  are secure, and is in the best interest of the   child/children.

Our goal:       To work with the courts, attorneys, CPS and CASA caseworkers, on behalf of family members who qualify and have volunteered to have the child/children placed in there care, pending the CPS investigation process, in lieu of having them place into fostercare.

We are asking your assistance to help us carry out this mission by becoming a volunteer, and or making a financial contributions. 

For more information about the organization, or how you can become a volunteer, please attend one of our upcoming meeting..

We thank you in advance for your support. 

God bless,

Min. T. R. Allen